FYI my taste in music is probly shitty


feel free to suggest anything if you think it could be improved

I think I have seen you post a lot of them but overall artist I always go to are Rasputina, cocorosie, purity ring, the ditty bops, regina spektor, the yeah yeah yeahs, best coast, emily and the woods, crystal castles, neko case, kimya dawson, grimes.

Some good singles also you might like
floral - blue hawaii
Clams casino - I`m god
lady in the radiator - in heaven
animal collective - peacebone
Soko - I`ll kill her
portishead - biscuit

If fast/heavy rather
Heaven shall burn, zao, mindless self indulgence, pigface, the distillers, the birthday massacre.

I hardly ever update my music library anymore though so I`m sure there’s plenty newer stuff that’s good too, i go to songs I like on youtube and follow a string of related videos too, after a few videos of doing this you`ll usually have a list of hidden gems you wouldn’t know of otherwise.

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